Take the opportunity.

We are now comprehensively extending our sales in Europe. This is why we are looking for further interested sales partners.
Contact us now if you are interested in a long-term co-operation.


Appliances with the latest technology:

Our top seller, Diavolo, is without doubt the most modern and high performance appliance currently on the market. Its very high quality standard differentiates this appliance significantly from the competition.
We know ourselves just how important that is when selling direct.

Fair market prices

Our recommended sales prices beat all comparisons.
You do not have to push through any excessive prices in the market!

Maximum profit margins for you as the distributor!

Unlike conventional sales operations we do not work with countless
middlemen (team leaders, regional managers, area managers, sales managers etc.).
This means that there is simply a bigger profit margin left for you.

Perfect service:

  • We offer a fast delivery service.
    Any goods ordered by 11.00 am will be delivered the same day!
  • You do not have to set up any warehousing facility.
    You only have to order once you have received a contract.
    You therefore do not have any investment costs (except for your own demonstration appliance)!
  • We handle repairs
    Should an appliance fail, we will take care of it, and arrange for the appliance to be collected directly from the customer by UPS (Germany only). You do not need to get involved! You are therefore able to focus solely on the sale.

Long guarantees:

We generally offer a 2-year full guarantee (1 year for trade) and a 5-year guarantee for the boiler, heating coil and pump!
We offer a free-of-charge collection service for the appliances by UPS within Germany during the full guarantee.

Best sales arguments for the customers

  • Latest appliances
  • Excellent performance
  • Fair market prices
  • Above-average guarantee and service performance
  • Free-of-charge collection service by UPS in the event of a claim (in Germany)

Take advantage of these benefits; no organisation can offer you more!