Our sale system - THE BENEFIT TO YOU!

As a dealer, we supply to you direct without any middlemen,
so that we can offer you the maximum profit margins at fair market prices!

Are you fed up with the usual structure?
Your work goes to pay for countless middlemen, such as sales managers, area sales managers, regional sales managers, section managers and team leaders, so that there is little left over for you, the seller.
Not in our organisation We work directly with each our approved sellers. 
Of course, with exclusive territories!

We do, however, also offer absolute customer protection for our customers, employees/representatives.
We will not supply employees/representatives who used to work for you!
This means that there is nothing to prevent you from developing your own sales network.

All models are sold exclusively by us!


  • We also ensure a “clean” market!
    Our high quality models are only sold direct!
    Generally with our service
    “Free-of-charge presentation at the customer” & “personal delivery with instructions"
    This service is “standard” for each appliance we supply.

    This is why no distributor/sales partner is allowed to offer and dispatch the appliances on the Internet!

    We advertise ourselves to gain prospective customers for a free demonstration! We pass on all these enquiries to the nearest
    distributor without processing them!
    You are therefore free to focus on your work!
  • You do not need to hold stock:
    We deliver within 1-2 working days!
  • All brochures and sales materials are passed on at cost!

Who can offer the same?