We explain some of the benefits of our appliances to you here

These are also our best sales arguments!

The appliances will impress with the top quality, performance and finish!

All these models work with a stainless steel tank and a 155 cm long
stainless steel heating coil. The pump used to fill the boiler automatically
works at 15 bar! We offer a 5-year guarantee on these 3 parts
(boiler, heating coil and pump)

Here are a few technical benefits described in detail:

Latest steam technology:
Twin-boiler technology for continuous operation. You can replenish the water at any time and no longer have to waste time releasing the pressure and cooling the appliance down! You can work continuously without any waiting time, 24/7!
Optimal steam quality:
A specially developed boiler shape and optimal steam exit control ensure optimal steam quality.

Excellent performance:
Our appliances work at very high performance.
2200 watt to 3200 watt, depending on the model (on the boiler), 10 bar working pressure (maximum pressure safety valve, 12 bar) and a 15 bar high performance pump! 

Short heat-up time and pressure capacity:
Only a small quantity of water needs to be heated at any one time (3-4 minutes heating time for the Diavolo model).
The water in the refillable reservoir stays cold and only the smallest of quantities are repumped into the boiler, and fully automatically!
The use of a 155 cm long stainless steel heating coil means that we have a very large surface area for optimal heat transfer. We are able to achieve an extremely high continuous pressure thanks to the large heating surface and our enormous heating power! 
Whereas many appliances already lose over 50% of their pressure after 1 - 2 minutes, our appliances maintain a very high continuous pressure.

Top quality features:
All accessories and housing parts are manufactured in high quality ABS plastic. The boiler and the 155 cm long heating coil are made of high quality stainless steel. Brass valve blocks, all cabling in the appliances are fitted with generous cross sections of up to 2.5 mm2 and silicon jackets,

High quality standard fittings:
Comprehensive standard fittings made from high quality ABS plastic. 
Developed specially for our high quality professional appliances and designed for optimal use: so that the best results can be achieved for the home and for trade and industry.

High quality special fittings:  
Every demand is met: 5 m or 10 m working hose, 25 cm extension (specially for larger people), 40 cm floor brush, iron with steam quantity regulation, many different brush sizes in brass, stainless steel and plastics, and much more. 

We have put all our experience with steam since 1992 into developing
our appliances and fittings.


These are all sales arguments that will impress!

We therefore clearly differentiate ourselves from the appliances available on the market!
We count on quality and performance! Our distribution system allows us to offer all this at market prices.

Take advantage of the benefits!
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